Clea & Kim took off within Global markets in 2013 with their first single »Balkan Bachata«, still present today across Europe on MTV, VIVA and on many international dance compilations. The colourful innovation and imagination in their music is the result of their background. Clea, born in Iraq and UK born Kim, grasp a touch of their roots in musical expression. With that recognisable modern sound and energy designed by producer McMillan, who creates new Exotical EDM sound guidelines, their interpretation becomes an original and distinctive product that stands out from the mass of today’s musical market. Their Party Beat show, which presents the best of EDM, is without doubt an absolute adrenaline time bomb you should not miss the chance to see.


Videos 2015


(2015) ORIENT 9295

Videos 2014

Geo Da Silva and Jack Mazzoni


Video 2013

Geo Da Silva and Jack Mazzoni


Geo Da Silva and Jack Mazzoni


Geo Da Silva

(2014) AMAZED


Booking Conditions 2015

Fee: T.B.A.
*Price is net, without taxes or any other deductions
*Price does not include transport or accommodation
*For long distance: 3 return airfare. Flights from Trieste (Italy) to Location + local/internal transportation
*3 single hotel rooms (5****) plus catering, food, beverages
Clea & Kim Show: 90 min live set of Best Party EDM